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Total Solar Eclipse

Canada, Greenland, Russia, Mongolia, China - August 1, 2008

The disk of the moon perfectly covered the sun in the Northwest Territories, Canada. 8 passengers on a chartered King Air 200 witnessed 1 minute 39 seconds of totality at 27,000 feet, 140 km east of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada.

The total eclipse track continued east across the north coast of Greenland and over the Arctic Ocean. A Russian Icebreaker, the
50 Let Pobedy, intercepted the eclipse centerline. A chartered SAS 737-700 out of Gardermoen, Norway along with another chartered LTU/Airberlin A330-200 aircraft flight out of Dusseldorf, Germany flew with the moon’s shadow northwest of Kvitøya (Svalbard) Islands

The track continued over Russia, Mongolia and China. The image below was photographed northeast of Yiwu, China:

Yiwu, China