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Total Solar Eclipse

Brazil, Atlantic Ocean, Africa, Mediterranean Sea, Asia - March 29, 2006

Sunrise and moonrise created a spectacle for people living in the easternmost coastal towns of Brazil. The umbral shadow then sped east across the Atlantic Ocean and arrived in the African coastal countries of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin. Moving inland, the eclipse track passed over remote areas of Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Libya. Several expeditions traveled into these desert regions to view this eclipse.

A prime location was Sallum, Egypt, a city along the Mediterranean coast bordering Libya. People from all over the world arrived here by tour bus, truck, van or car in the early morning hours of March 29, 2006. Egyptian authorities set up temporary tent cities to accommodate the influx. Egyptian President Mubarick was flow in by helicopter to a plateau above the city. The photos below are from Sallum, Egypt:

Sallum, Egypt

The weather along most of this eclipse track was optimal. In the Mediterranean, several cruise ships intercepted the moon’s shadow. Side, Turkey was another excellent location for many eclipse chasers. The eclipse continued over the Black sea, Georgia, Russia, the Caspian Sea and Kazakhstan ending in Mongolia at sunset.

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